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CCSD Foundation

The purpose of the Columbia County School District Foundation is to support the needs of the Columbia County School District. Our students, teachers, and staff will directly benefit from additional resources cultivated through the Foundation’s efforts. We seek to provide sustainability in our classrooms so that our community will continue to grow and thrive.
*All donations contributed to the Columbia County School District Foundation are tax deductible.

The CCSD Foundation seeks to invest in these four areas: 

  • Student needs and achievement
  • Teacher and staff recruitment, appreciation, and development
  • Community support and engagement 
  • Alumni engagement
Employees can donate online through Etrieve at any time. Here you can elect to make a monthly donation or a one-time donation. The form on Etrieve is titled "CCSD Foundation Contribution". 
Employees who contribute any amount each month for 12 consecutive months by December 2024 will be recognized as a Founding Member.
All payroll deductions begin during the next eligible payroll month. 
*All CCSD Foundation donations are tax-deductible.  
Coming Soon
The purpose of the grant program is to fund outstanding projects that enhance each student's experience in their classrooms and schools. 
Full program details including applicant eligibility, grant eligibility, evaluation criteria, and an application are coming soon!
For questions about the CCSD Foundation or how to get involved, please contact Ashley Rice, Foundation Coordinator at [email protected] or at 706-541-2723 ext. 5140