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School Social Worker Appreciation

March 7th – 13, 2021, marks the annual appreciation for School Social Workers.  The national theme this year is “Beacon of Hope: School Social Workers – Lighting the Way”. beacon of hope logo



This is a perfect description of every single one of our SSWs in the Columbia County School District.  They are critical to the success of many of our students. These professionals work tirelessly day in and day out to provide resources and a sense of hope to families across our district.  Each year, staff, parents, and students attribute their well-being to the care and commitment of one or more CCSD School Social Workers. Join the CCSD in thanking each of them throughout the month of March!

Below you will find SSW Spotlights, a brief bio on each of the eight School Social Workers who work tirelessly for the wellbeing of students and families in the Columbia County School District and beyond! 


Title: School Social Worker/ Homeless Liaison/ Foster Care Point of Contact
Schools Served: Columbia Middle, Greenbrier Middle, Stallings Island Middle and Stevens Creek Elementary.
Years serving the CCSD: Three smiling woman holding book
What do you love most about being a SSW? 
The greatest aspect of my job is that I am able to advocate for the marginalized. I am humbled that daily, I have the opportunity to really shape a student’s current situation and potentially impact how their future looks. I am grateful in knowing that my efforts impact families and make a difference in students’ lives, making them safer and making them healthier. That's both amazing and powerful. I too am inspired by those that I work on behalf of.
Why are School Social Workers important?
"Social workers are a repository of wisdom concerning the complex relationship between private troubles and public issues and between case and cause. No other human service profession is built on a foundation that, by design, embraces this unique connection. This is why social work matters." Frederic G. Reamer, PhD
Title: School Social Worker
Years Serving the CCSD: Three smiling woman
What do you love most about being a SSW?
I love interacting with the students and their families as well as working with school personnel. This gives me the opportunity to do TRUE social work and affords me the ability to advocate for individuals who are not able to for themselves.
Why are School Social Workers important? 
Social work is an all-encompassing field where you are able to serve many groups of people of all ages, ethnicities, and the like and can be rewarding even with the least favorable of circumstances, BUT it is our charge as social workers to enable others to find and utilize their strengths and self-worth!!!
Title: School Social Worker students and teacher
Schools Served: Grovetown High, Greenbrier Elementary and Baker Place Elementary
Years Serving the CCSD: Six 
What do you love most about being a School Social Worker?
Interacting with students, helping families and changing lives. 
Title: School Social Worker 
Schools Served: Greenbrier High, Parkway Elementary, Riverside Middle, River Ridge Elementary and Riverside Elementary. woman smiling
Years Serving the CCSD: 14 years 
What do you love most about being a School Social Worker?
I enjoy school social work because I am the connector between students, their families and schools. I also love working with diverse groups of students and families and helping them overcome whatever obstacles and barriers that prevent them from succeeding. Social workers wear lots of hats; our job is always interesting and there never is a dull moment.
Title: School Social Worker 
Schools Served: Brookwood Elementary, Euchee Creek Elementary, Lewiston Elementary, Martinez Elementary, and North Columbia Elementary250
Years Serving the CCSD: 11 years 
What do you love most about being a School Social Worker? 
  • Living out a personal call to be a servant leader and stand in the gap for those in need
  • Advocating for equity, challenging old perspectives, and getting in good trouble :)
  • Being a hope-dealer :)
  • Changing outcomes for the better for students
  • Partnering with and supporting the amazing work of our teachers, counselors, and administrators by removing obstacles to learning and growth
  • Helping build up families (and better futures!) by building relationships with our families and supportive community agencies
  • Learning more every day from the families I serve
Title: School Social Worker, LCSW
Schools Served: Evans Middle and Evans High School
Years Serving the CCSD: 18 years 
What do you love most about being a School Social Worker? I love making a positive difference in the lives of children and families, being an advocate, and impacting student success! I am passionate about working with families, schools, and the community! SSWs are the bridge between home and school; everyone working together is the key to student success!
Title: School Social Workerwoman smiling
Schools Served: Cedar Ridge Elementary, Grovetown Elementary, and Grovetown Middle
Years Serving the CCSD: Three years; 10 years previously in Richmond County 
What do you love most about being a School Social Worker? Being able to meet students and families "where they are". The ability to build trusting, long term relationships to help empower each person to be their "best self" Educating others to accept "differences" and "right the wrongs" so everyone has a fair and equal chance. The ability to network with community partners, to close gaps, and expand resources to build communities everyone wants to be a part of.