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Pre-K - 5th Grade

Welcome to the Columbia County School District! We have eighteen elementary schools that provide a world-class education for each child. Administrators, teachers, and auxiliary staff work with families to promote a thirst for life-long learning. Elementary students receive instruction using the Georgia Standards of Excellence in four core areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Additionally, students receive enrichment opportunities in Art, Music, and Physical Education. 

Instruction is designed to meet the needs of all students all of the time. Teachers work hard to enrich the curriculum for students who are ready to move forward while allowing extra practice for those who may struggle with a particular concept. In all classrooms, students are given opportunities to be in control of their learning by stressing the importance of responsibility. We believe that when students are in charge of learning, they work hard to be successful.

In Columbia County, assessments are administered throughout the elementary years to guide instruction. Beginning in Kindergarten, children are assessed in a number of areas using GKIDS. Information is collected throughout the year to give teachers and parents an idea of strengths and weaknesses for individual students. Students in 2nd grade will take the CogAT. This assessment serves as a universal screener to assist teachers with the identification and characteristics of gifted learners. Teacher are also able to use this information to determine both verbal and non-verbal strengths that can be used when differentiating instruction in the classroom. Students in grades 3rd - 5th grades will be administered the GMAS End-of Grade assessments to inform stakeholders of progress and most importantly, to help educators make sound instructional decisions for the upcoming year. Students in 3rd and 4th grade are assessed in Language Arts (reading, writing and grammar skills) and Mathematics. Students in 5th grade are also assessed in the area of Science.

This is an exciting time in the life of a child and we are so happy to be able to share this time with you. Caring and dedicated educators provide students with a solid foundation that will enable them to be successful life-long learners. The elementary years are full of rich, exciting experiences that will ignite a desire for learning forever!
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