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Grades 6-8

Caught in the middle! No longer children, but not yet adults. What a wonderful time of life, characterized by an unparalleled energy level and a motivation for learning.  With these thoughts in mind, we welcome you to the middle schools of the Columbia County School District. You will find each of our schools to be safe, warm, and inviting environments focused on providing a rich, rigorous, and supportive learning experience for all students.

The middle school instructional day consists of two distinct blocks of instruction.  The core block is 300 minutes in length, and focuses on learning opportunities in math, social studies, science, and language arts.  Remediation, enrichment and acceleration opportunities are offered during the daily achievement period.  An emphasis on reteaching and reassessing of essential core concepts is an integral component of the achievement period to ensure all students master the CCGPS.

The connections block consists of two classes that are each approximately forty-five minutes in length.  Classes are offered on a nine-week basis, and may include courses in career technology education (CTAE), fine arts (band, general music, chorus, drama), modern languages (Spanish, French), and physical education and health. Students may also be offered opportunities for remediation of skills during the connections block.

Students are expected to attend schools 180 days during the regular school year. The student handbook outlines the attendance policies in detail, as well as consequences for non-attendance. Excused absences are granted by the school system under certain circumstances deemed appropriate by the administration.

Students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades begin receiving counseling, advisement, career awareness, career interest inventories and information to assist them in evaluating their academic skills and career interests. Before the end of the second semester of the eighth grade, students will develop an individual graduation plan in consultation with their parents, guardians, or individuals appointed by the parents or guardians to serve as their designee. The individual graduation plan will carry over to high school and it will be used to prepare students for a seamless transition to post-secondary study, further training, or employment.