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Leadership Development Program

In an effort to create an active and highly competent leadership community, the Columbia County School District has developed five leadership courses for its employees.  These courses are not mandatory to apply for a position in our district.  They are intended to better prepare candidates for the desired leadership position.  The course descriptions and participant applications (if needed) are linked below.  Also, we are including the names of county personnel you can contact with any questions for each respective course.


  1. Teacher Leader Course-for teachers who are interested in serving in teacher leadership roles, not necessarily administrative roles.  The deadline to apply is August 23, 2019 and the notification of acceptance will be September 2, 2019.

             Contacts: Mr. Scott Weinand, Ms. Merrell Garner, Mrs. Michele Sherman

     2.  Aspiring Leaders Course-for teachers who have four years of experience and aspire to be an assistant principal. 
          Principals must approve and submit the candidate's application by August 16, 2019.  Selected candidates will be
          interviewed on August 21-23, 2019.  Teachers accepted into the Aspiring Leader Course will be notified by August
          26, 2019.

             Contacts: Dr. Brian Campbell, Mr. Steven Cummings


    3.  Aspiring Principals/District Leaders-for current Assistant Principals who are interested in serving as a principal

         and/or district leader.  Applicants must have completed at least two years of AP experience or have 2 years of

         county department leadership exposure.

             Contacts: Dr. Jeff Carney, Dr. Kellye Bosch


    4.  Assistant Principal Induction-for first-year Assistant Principals in our school district.
    • Course Description                                
    • No Application

             Contacts: Mrs. Penny Jackson, Dr. Deborah Williams  


    5.  Principal Induction-for principals new to our county and/or new to their role. This includes a mentor program 
         for new principals.
    • Course Description                                
    • No Application

             Contacts:  Dr. Jeff Carney, Mrs. Leanne Gregg