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Partnerships in Action!

The Columbia County School District is proud and grateful to have the support of many businesses, organizations, and individuals striving to help us meet our goal of providing a safe, positive and clean environment for our students, faculty and staff.
As a Partner in Education, interested stakeholders can make a difference in the lives of children every day. 

What is a Partner in Education?

Partners contribute to the overall success of schools through four key areas:
  • Improvement of Academic Performance
  • Educator Support and Morale 
  • Enriching Students' Life Experiences
  • Growing Career Opportunities 
Some areas that fall under these categories include, but are not limited to, the following:
Improving Academic Performance
  • Sponsoring events to promote literacy
  • Routinely volunteering as a special guest reader
  • Providing additional resources to improve instruction
  • Engaging students in career exploration events and presentations
Providing Educator Support and Morale
  • Conducting or hosting our staff at professional development training
  • Sponsoring summer internships for professional development and leadership
  • Offering company tours and use of facilities for training
  • Collaborating, facilitating and/or promoting school projects that impact our community
  • Joining the employee incentive program through Human Resources
Enriching Life Experiences of Students
  • Mentoring a student or group of students
  • Serving as a career day guest speaker at a school or for a class
  • Sponsoring supply drives for resources for students in need and their families
  • Promoting socio-emotional/wraparound support resources within schools
Growing Career Opportunities (Work-Based Learning)
  • Participating in a school career day
  • Hosting a youth apprenticeship student for on-the-job training
  • Offering internships or job shadowing
  • Providing career awareness and information on your profession's skillset
We hope you will find a place where you and our schools can create meaningful and lasting partnerships. Reach out to any of our Partner in Education points of contact at each school or contact our district office if you want to dive in! 
Partnerships at the school level include, but are not limited to, cash or in-kind donations (with receipt) directly donated to a specific school event. This includes supporting a school event such as a fall carnival or booster fundraising event. 
Qualified partners are recognized at the school level. Partners who donate to three or more schools with donations totaling more than $5,000 will be recognized as a district-level partner. 
District-level partnerships include, but are not limited to, cash or in-kind donations to events that support all schools within the Columbia County School District. This could include the Teacher of the Year Banquet, principal's conference donations, Jeans Day at a business to support school social workers, back to school supply drives, new teacher inductions, etc. 
Qualified district-level partnerships are recognized and highlighted each year at the annual Superintendent's Breakfast. 
Teacher of the Year/Principal's Conference
New Teacher Induction/Employee Incentive Program
REACH Scholarship Fund
Socio-Emotional Services/Wraparound Support
Bus Driver Appreciation
Work-Based Learning
Special Olympics
Partners in Education
School Supply Drives/Jeans Day for School Social Workers
Farm to Table