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Partners In Education

Thank you for considering a partnership with the Columbia County School District! The goals of our Partner in Education program include: Recognizing and rewarding student and staff achievements and accomplishments; To enrich and expand the instructional and whole-student support programs within our schools; And to provide meaningful connections and experiences between students and the business world.

There are three main areas of partnership our school district encourages provides partners to consider being a part of: School and District partnerships along with our employee incentive program.  

School Partnerships

The school and the business partner work together to meet the needs of the students.  Activities might include mentoring, tutoring, volunteering, speaking to groups of students, and cash or in-kind contributions designed to support the students and teachers.  School principals have the responsibility for ensuring that all activities and contributions are wholesome and sound, and that they have a direct relationship to the educational process.  Partners can contribute to one school or many. If you have one school or several in mind that you would like to partner with specifically, we will put you in touch with the right person to get started changing the lives of students in our district! 

District Partnerships

Cash and in-kind contributions are also utilized to support our district initiatives, including the Teacher of the Year Banquet, Principals' Conferences, Superintendent's Advisory Committees,  Spelling Bee, Retirement Reception, New Teacher Induction,  teacher screening and recruitment, school nurses,  technology, publications, and social worker endeavors.  Many of these activities would not be possible without the help of our Partners in Education because they cannot be funded using tax dollars. 

School and district partners achieving the Bronze Level ($250) or above are listed in the Back to School Newsletter and the Annual Report.  These partners are also recognized at the annual Superintendent's Partner in Education Breakfast.  All business partnerships must be approved by the Columbia County Board of Education.

For more information or to become a Partner in Education, contact Director of Communications, Abbigail Remkus at (706) 541-2723 Ext. 5221 or

Employee Incentive Program

The Employee Incentive Program was developed to reward Columbia County School District employees and to support local businesses.  By offering discounts or other advantages to our employees, participating businesses in our community help stretch salaries and assist in attracting excellent teachers and support personnel from surrounding areas.  Please contact the Human Resources Department at 706-855-3840 for more information about the Employee Incentive Program.

On the Fence? Helpful tips for considering a partnership with us!

How does my partnership benefit the school and community?

Partnerships directly benefit children by giving them positive role models. Partners give students the incentives they need to excel. Your business can prepare students to enter the work force by developing career awareness and showing them how business operates. Partners In Education makes for a tightly knit community since businesses and schools work together to reach a common goal -giving students a well-rounded education.

What issues are addressed through partnership activities?

Partners in Education work to help meet needs identified by the schools by providing reading buddies, financial donations, guest speakers, equipment and an array of other resources and materials.

Who can become a partner?

You can! Whether your business is large or just a one-person operation or civic club, or you are an individual wanting to make an impact, you can make a valuable contribution to the education of children in Columbia County. Each partnership is unique. Partnerships may be established with government agencies, businesses, colleges, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, social or community service clubs, or any group or person committed to improving education. A partner can become involved with one school; with the entire school system or with a district-wide programs like our Special Services Programs supporting special education, Wraparound Services, Transportation, Nutrition, Health, CTAE, Vocational or Technology efforts, among many others.

What are the requirements of the Program?

The elements of the Partners In Education Program center around four components: Student Motivation, Achievement & Support, Teacher Appreciation, Community Service & Involvement, and Business Appreciation. Each partnership should strive to fulfill one activity in each of the four component areas. Partnerships that are successful in meeting all four components are recognized as a "Four Star Partnership". Partnerships that support five or more schools are recognized as “Partners at-Large” by the Superintendent.

Our Valued Partners in Education