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News Releases

The Columbia County School District is excited to welcome State School Superintendent Richard Woods Monday, April 29, to two of our schools that were recently recognized for two different achievements.

At 9:00 a.m. during a special ceremony at Riverside Elementary School, located at 4431 Hardy McManus Road in Evans, Superintendent Woods will present students, faculty, and staff with a banner recognizing the school as a Military Flagship School.

Riverside Elementary School received the award November 5, 2018, and was one of seven out of 61 schools chosen to receive the Military Flagship School designation. This is the first year for the award.

Riverside was selected because they offer easy online enrollment and easily accessible resources and information for military families, in addition to a newcomer’s club at the start of every semester to help students transition into the Riverside Elementary family. Students have the opportunity to be recommended for small groups dealing with the issue of parent deployment and facilitated by the school counselor. And Riverside Elementary has many volunteers in uniform in the building throughout the year. Many of these volunteers read to students in class, present on Career Day, and participate in special events such as Field Day and Veterans Day.

Next, Superintendent Woods will visit Martinez Elementary, located at 213 Flowing Wells Road in Martinez, beginning at 10:30 a.m. While there, he will award the school with a STEM/STEAM banner. The school earned State STEM certification March 6, 2019, and it is the first elementary school in the district and the area to earn this prestigious certification. The banner ceremony will include a performance by Martinez Elementary kindergarten students and a STEM presentation from several grade-level representatives.

We are excited to welcome Superintendent Woods to celebrate both schools’ accomplishments!