Wraparound Support Program » Year 1 Goals (2018-2019)

Year 1 Goals (2018-2019)

Our Year 1 goals for the Wraparound Support Program within the five Columbia County high schools are as follows: 
  • Collecting data from key stakeholders: As a team, we will be conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys to find out what the students, staff and community members believe are the greatest challenges to our students' overall well-being and successful graduation.
  • Implementing school-based mental health services: We plan on partnering with local mental health agencies who will provide mental health services to all of our high school students on campus. We are actively seeking business partners in the community to sponsor spaces and/or rooms where these services can take place within the high school's centers.  
  • Building community partnerships: Based on the needs provided by our stakeholders, we plan on establishing a partnership with at least one community organization for each high school by the end of the year.