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Student Life Centers

Each of the five Columbia County high schools will have a student life center where the Wraparound Support Program will operate. Since each high school is unique within Columbia County, the centers and their specific services will look different within each school. However, providing a physical space where resources and services can be offered on campus will help to reduce the barriers (e.g., transportation, financial) that typically prevent students from accessing them. Additionally, having a set location within the school for all of the resources/services will help integrate the program into the school and reduce the stigma of accessing help. 
While we are crafting the centers within each school, the names* for each center are as follows: 
  • The Panther Life Center (Lakeside High School)
  • The Warrior Wraparound Center (Grovetown High School)
  • The Knights Student Life Center (Evans High School)
  • The Wolfpack Student Life Center (Greenbrier High School)
  • The Bulldog Depot (Harlem High School)
*These names are subject to change as we build our student advisory councils for each center.