Learn from Home Information and Parent Resources

In response to the Coronavirus, the Columbia County School District is closed through Friday, April 3.

Teachers are providing learn from home lessons and are monitoring student learning from home throughout this period, in an effort to continue our students’ education as much as possible over the next few weeks. Learn from home lessons and activities are designed to help our students continue to learn and to maintain some level of normalcy during this challenging time. We ask our parents to help as much as possible, without stressing or feeling overwhelmed. They may expect communications from their children’s teachers and/or school, to include how to continue their children’s learning while home and hours of electronic availability for answering questions or providing support. Likewise, parents should notify the school if they need instructional supports such as technology devices.

Below is a checklist of things parents can do now to help prepare for learn from home days:
  • Determine if you have access to an internet connection. (If not, see below)
  • Establish a designated workspace that is quiet, comfortable and free from distractions (including the TV).
  • Plan times to take breaks to use the restroom and/or to have a snack. Lesson times will not exceed 30 minutes for each subject.
What if children do not have internet access or access to a device at home?
Students who do not have internet access or access to a device should notify their teacher who may have a device the student can check out. Or, the teacher can provide hard copies of digital activities.  Students with hard copies will submit their completed hard copies upon returning to school in accordance with the school district policy on makeup work.
Unless otherwise noted, all grade levels will participate in the same number of days for learn from home activities. Parents should contact their child’s teacher for any questions regarding learn from home activities during office hours which will be set and shared by the teachers prior to the learn from home day.