REACH Scholars sign contracts for success

students smiling holding certificates

Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen (REACH) is a mentorship and scholarship program created by Governor Nathan Deal to encourage students to persist in their educational pursuits. 

Today, REACH serves nearly 1,800 scholars in 154 school districts across Georgia.

Scholars who complete the program receive $2,500.00 per year for up to four years, to be used toward educational costs at any University System of Georgia, Technical College System of Georgia, or eligible private post-secondary institutions.

Scholarship recipients are provided with academic, social, and financial support they need to graduate from high school, attend and complete college, and achieve success in the workforce.

Scholars follow a rigorous educational path and sign a contract agreeing to maintain good grades; Uphold good behavior and attendance; Meet with their assigned mentor at least twice a month and their academic coach once a month; and Attend REACH activities throughout each school year until their completion of high school.

Five students, together with their parents or guardians, signed their REACH commitment contract on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 during a special signing ceremony. 

students seated at table with parents standing behind them.

Scholarship Recipients are:

From Greenbrier Middle School, Maryon Parker

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From Grovetown Middle School, Patrick Liggins

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From Harlem Middle School, Mitchell Moon

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From Lakeside Middle School, Alacia Johnson

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From Stallings Island Middle, Alexys Human

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The program is funded in part by the Georgia REACH program and in part by local contributions.

This year marks the second year these scholarships have been available to students in the Columbia County School District, and the first year we have had to seek the support of generous donors to make these scholarships possible.

For each scholarship awarded, a $5,000 donation had to be obtained.

Three local donors made these scholarships possible for our students this year.

Making a donation of $5,000, the Columbia County Foundation for Children

Making a donation of $10,000 is ACHS Insurance 

Making a donation of $10,000 is Mr. Travis Gamble.

Thank you so very much to these generous donors for making these scholarships possible.

Once funds are obtained, school districts identify rising eighth-grade students who display academic promise. Part of this process includes interviews.

Committee Members:

Augusta University Professor Dr. Beth Pendegraft;

Mr. Robert Kelly with Augusta Staffing;

Ms. Tiffany Heitzman with the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce;

Pastor Bill Hilley with Grace Baptist Church (not pictured); and 

Mr. George Bratcher with Advanced Technology Leaders.

Group Photo

Thank you so much for your service two years in a row!

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