Purchasing: Procedures, Guidelines, Contract Awards & Current Bids

Our role is to assist our CCBOE business offices, our diversified student population and the professional staff of the Columbia County School System in obtaining goods and services at the lowest possible price, the best possible delivery and highest quality affordable. 

The Columbia County School Board (School Board) has adopted a Procurement Policy that defines how CCBOE procurements are to be managed. This policy establishes CCBOE approval responsibilities and defines overall competitive procurement requirements.

CCBOE Procedures have also been developed to more clearly define operating procedures that must be followed by School Board employees to remain in compliance with School Board Procurement Policy.

We believe that it is vital that we make every effort possible to insure fair and equitable treatment of suppliers wishing to do business with the CCBOE. It is also important that we use our public funds to meet CCBOE procurement needs in a financially responsible manner. Maximizing the use of competitive bidding as a basis of awarding contracts provides fair and open treatment of our suppliers and helps insure that purchases are made at the lowest possible market prices.

We have provided our schools with a set of Purchasing Guidelines that further defines when competitive bids are required. These guidelines also provide assistance to CCBOE schools and business offices in clearly defining their respective purchasing requirements (specifications).

In addition to CCBOE contracts using competitive bids, other contract relationships and market opportunities provide CCBOE schools with additional ways of acquiring quality supplies and services at affordable prices.

Information contained in our Purchasing Table of Contents can provide more information about existing CCBOE contracts, State of Georgia Contracts, information important to suppliers and other information to assist our schools in making informed procurement decisions.

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