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Edulog Lite School Bus Tracker App

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We are pleased to announce that the Columbia County School District is providing a new smart phone app to help parents receive more information about your child’s school bus ride. The app, called EDULOG PARENT PORTAL LITE, allows you to see real time information about the location of your child’s school bus and to receive notifications when the bus is getting close.screenshot of app on phone

Safety for all students and staff is a top priority and we want parents to have peace of mind knowing that the bus arrived at school, or at the bus stop in the afternoon. And because time is precious in the morning, you need to know when the bus is approaching. The app does this.

All CCSD buses are equipped with GPS to help the transportation department locate buses as necessary for routine maintenance and to provide assistance in the event of traffic or weather-related issues. That same GPS signal reaches the app so parents too have information about their child’s bus.

You can set alert zones at the school and surrounding neighborhoods to receive notifications on your phone when the bus arrives in that area. The size of the notification area, the time period when you want to receive notifications and the number of alert zones is up to you.

Your child’s school will provide parents and/or legal guardians with a registration code. Parents will need this information to begin using the app, which can be downloaded using these QR codes below. After you download the School Bus App, please be sure to view the entire video above on how to operate the app. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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The Parent Portal Lite mobile app by Education Logistics, Inc. (Edulog) allows school districts to share school bus locations with parents and caregivers. The app can show the position of the school bus and give an alert as the bus enters a notification zone.

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Download the Edulog Parent Portal Lite from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Search for “Edulog Parent Portal Lite” and choose the app with the White bus and yellow background. The word “LITE” at the bottom distinguishes this app.

NOTE: Edulog’s standard Parent Portal app uses a logo with a WHITE bus on a TEAL background, so take care to download the correct app.

Once you download the app, register using your email address. If you do not receive the confirmation email right away, check your spam or junk mail folder.

Yes. Once you have the app installed, the language can be changed from English to Spanish on the SETTINGS tab. Make sure to select SAVE to continue in the language of your choice.

In order to get started, you must receive a registration code from your school. This code is specific to one or more buses in the district. Go to the DISTRICTS tab, tap the plus sign (+) in the top right to add your school code.  When the code is accepted, you will see the name of your district and the number of buses (initially zero) that you are following. You might need to add another registration code for the same school to follow more than one bus for your family. This depends on your district’s app configuration.

Please note, reference to a "district code," is your assigned school's individual registration code. Please reach out to your school or schools directly to retrieve your bus tracker app code. 

Tapping your district’s name on the DISTRICTS tab shows the list of buses that your code authorizes you to follow. Sliding the toggle to the right allows a bus to be moved to the MY BUSES tab. On the MY BUSES tab, you will see the list of buses that you selected.

The location of a bus can be viewed by tapping that particular bus in the MY BUSES tab.

The last reported time for the school bus is displayed beside the bus icon

NOTE: App users should understand if the bus location has not been reported for a while, there could be problems with the GPS signal or other communications issues. Students should report to their bus stop at the usual time, 5 minutes before the expected arrival of the bus. The time display is important information to help parents correctly interpret the Where’s My Bus information.

The HOME tab shows the list of vehicles that you have selected, along with the registration code and the number of notification zones that are active for each.

The school district has the option of when to allow the bus icon to be visible on the map. Many districts opt to show the bus icon only when buses are running routes.

Edulog’s parent app uses Google Maps as its base map for display. No map source is perfect, but we have found the data in Google Maps to be sufficiently accurate to support the app. Unfortunately,  Edulog has no ability to immediately correct Google’s base map. You may provide information directly to Google Maps via their “send feedback” option at

The notifications are sent immediately when a GPS ping from your bus occurs within the notification zone. The school bus sends regular GPS pings to the app database in the cloud every 10-20 seconds. As with all technology, disruptions can occur. A lag can be produced if there is a disruption in cellular service or the GPS unit on the bus is disconnected. Make sure to monitor the app for bus movement prior to the expected time of the bus.

Setting alert zones in the app allows you to receive notifications when the bus enters one or more zones that you define. Choose an address as the center of the notification zone (enter the address or move the map graphically) and a radius from 0.1 to 2.0 miles. Alert zones are created specific to each bus.

You can receive notifications when the bus enters any of your alert zones. In addition to designating the distance of the radius, you can also designate a time window in which you want to receive notifications. For instance, if the bus runs a field trip and enters your alert zone in the evening, you probably do not want to receive that alert. Set each time window to make the most sense for each bus route.  If you want to receive notifications in the morning and in the afternoon, you will need to have a time window covering the entire day, or create one alert zone for the morning and another alert zone for the afternoon.

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