2023 - 2024 Permissive Transfer Notice

According to this law, Columbia County residents may elect to send their children to any public school in the county as long as there is classroom space available after the students within the assigned zone have been enrolled. Classroom space is defined as the FTE enrollment number provided by the Facilities Services Unit of the Georgia Department of Education, less ten percent to accommodate new students. Using this guideline, the following schools have space available and, accordingly, may accept permissive transfer requests for 2023-2024 School Year:

  • Blue Ridge Elementary - 58 spaces available
  • Parkway Elementary - 12 spaces available
  • Riverside Elementary - 16 spaces available
  • South Columbia Elementary - 15 spaces available
  • Lakeside Middle - 116 spaces available
  • Stallings Island Middle - 38 spaces available

Please note that parents or guardians electing to send their children to an eligible school assume responsibility and cost of transporting their children to and from the school. Once enrolled, students may continue to attend such school until they complete all grades of the school. Following completion of all grades, these students will be required to return to their regular attendance zone.

Parents or guardians interested in requesting a permissive transfer for their children should read Board Policy JBCC and complete a Permissive Transfer Request Form (Click here) found in Procedure JBCC. Forms are also available at the Board of Education located at 4781 Hereford Farm Road. Completed forms must be submitted to the eligible school(s) of choice beginning January 11, 2023, and no later than February 3, 2023. Interested parents must submit a completed form to the principal or designee within the assigned time period. The principal or designee receiving the request forms will number, sign, date, and retain each form received up to the close of the final day.  If the school receives more permissive transfer requests than space available, lots will be drawn for enrollment from all submitted applications. Affected parties will be notified and invited to witness the public drawing which will be held within three business days of the application deadline.  All questions may be directed to Jocelyn Baker at 706-541-0650.