Lakeside High STAR Student advances to State Competition

Since its creation in 1958, this program has honored nearly 27,500 students, who in turn have chosen their STAR Teachers to share in this recognition.

To obtain the STAR nomination, high school students must:

  • Have the highest score on any single test date of the SAT taken through the November test date of their senior year; 
  • Be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students of their class based on grade point average; and
  • Their SAT scores must be equal to or higher than the 2019 national average scores on the Evidence Based Reading and Writing and Math sections of the SAT.


High school STAR students name their STAR Teachers, who continue with their STAR students at every level of the program.

Locally, STAR Students and teachers are honored with a special reception sponsored by the Harlem Woman's Club for more than 50 years. The Columbia County School District is grateful for this important partnership with the Harlem Woman's Club. 

This year’s STAR students are as follows:

Evans High School 
                   student and teacher smiling
  • STAR Student Kyra Bauer and STAR Teacher Allison Waddel
Greenbrier High
           student                                teacher  
STAR Student Dinuk Radindika De Silva                STAR Teacher Thomas Basile
Grovetown High
          student                               teacher
STAR Student Rainer Marquardt-Demen            STAR Teacher Dr. Justin Boyington
Harlem High 
          student                                teacher
      STAR Student Jaden Seraphin                          STAR Teacher Tawana Odom


Lakeside High

          student                              teacher
      STAR student is Kaavya Menon                     STAR Teacher Dr. John Cato

Kaavya achieved the highest score in Columbia County and went on to compete and win the region-wide honor. Kaavya will go on to compete for state STAR scholarships and awards.
                                                students and teacher group photo


Congratulations to all of these outstanding students and their choices for STAR teachers. For teachers, this is one of the highest honors they may achieve.