Response to inaccurate statements made during Public Participation

Allegations of inappropriate behavior by an adult or student are not only taken very seriously but will be thoroughly investigated, reported to authorities immediately, and acted on swiftly. To imply that this is not something the district takes seriously, cares about, or tries to hide is completely false. In addition, the district has and will continue to be not only compliant but proactive in our policy development and revision based on current and recently updated state and federal laws as well as any other legal school district requirements.
It is not the practice of the Columbia County School District to interrupt or prohibit public participation when statements are made that are incorrect. However, it is important to note that public participation is an opportunity for our stakeholders to share their concerns, and any comments made during this portion of the meeting are strictly statements of personal opinion.
The district is committed to providing open communication and factual information to all stakeholders. We appreciate and encourage those who properly utilize the freedoms of open records and public participation to impart positive change, as we seek to continue to provide a quality education for all students and a great place to work for our staff.