Welcome Back Message from the Superintendent



Dear community members,

The first day back to school is always an exciting time, but this year is special. Not only do we have so many great improvements both academically and operationally, we are so excited to have a new strategic plan, with a renewed vision and mission to guide us over the course of the next five years.

Our vision: The Columbia County School District will lead the nation in educational excellence where each student is engaged, enriched, and inspired.

Leading the nation is an ambitious vision, no doubt, and it will not come easy, but it is important to note that when we asked our stakeholders, it was crystal clear that they wanted to see our great school district take student achievement and success to the next level.

Just like creating this strategic plan, we will all play a part in reaching one of our strategic plan’s main goal areas, maximum achievement and success for each student.

Not every student. Not all students, but each student. We are committed to engaging, enriching, and inspiring each student. 

When we are engaged in an activity, we are much more likely to understand it and be a part of it, and we expect to provide that level of learning to our students every day. We also expect that of our employees, parents and community. We want everyone to be engaged in this school district, and are looking forward to that active participation.

We strive to enrich the content our students are able to learn and we want to make sure that it not only fills the standards in our curriculum, but that it also extends the knowledge and the lives of our students.

For those of us who have chosen the profession of public education, we hope to inspire students.  We believe our teachers and all of our great support staff are there to help inspire our students to become whatever they aspire to be.

This school year, this vision and the words engage, enrich, and inspire, will be at the heart of all we do here in this great school district.

We are grateful to the Columbia County community for its continued support of public education. Working together, we know we can make this the best school year ever.


Dr. Steve Flynt