All five CCSD high schools among Best Public High Schools ranked in state, nation

Of the nearly 25,000 public high schools across the nation, approximately 17,655 high schools were ranked. Similarly, of the nearly 472 public high schools in the state, approximately 432 were ranked.

Greenbrier High School landed among the top 12% of high schools ranked in the state and the nation. Lakeside High School came in among the top 19%, and Grovetown and Evans High Schools were among the top 40% of the best-ranked high schools in the state and the nation. Locally, Greenbrier High School was in the top five best-ranked public high schools in the Metro-Augusta area, and Lakeside, Grovetown, and Evans High Schools were all in the top 10. 

The school rankings list is based on excellence in serving students in six key areas: college readiness, college curriculum breadth, state assessment proficiency and performance, and graduation rate. Nearly 17,655 public high schools across the nation are ranked in the report, including 432 high schools in Georgia.

The vision of the CCSD is to lead the nation in educational excellence in which each student is engaged, enriched, and inspired. We celebrate the successes of our students and staff, while also remaining focused and engaged in identifying areas in need of improvement to ensure each student receives a high-quality education. Under the direction of the CCSD’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, maximum student achievement and success remains our focus.

Congratulations, to all of the students and staff, who have helped each of our high schools earn this distinction. 

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