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Student Registration

Welcome to the Columbia County School District! 

If you are viewing this information from a device with a small screen, such as a cellphone, please scroll to the bottom for Student Registration types for easy registration access. Desktop users may find the Student Registration types to the right.
Registration for new students and annual proofs of residency verification for returning students is conducted entirely online, including the ability to upload required documentation like birth certificates, proofs of residence, etc.
For the best user experience, please be prepared with all of the proper documentation and file types before beginning the registration process, whether that includes all new student information, or returning students only verifying annual proofs of residency.     
All documents should be prepared prior to beginning registration, including all required documentation being easily accessible in the acceptable file types, which include the following: jpeg and/or PDF files. For those without access to a computer, please contact your child's zoned school to arrange a time to go to the school to register. 
New student registration begins April 20, 2021, and must be completed with all required documentation before the beginning of school. 

Enrollment Requirements

Student registration for both new and returning students varies with different requirements. Please read the following information carefully before proceeding.

Each year, all students must provide two Proofs of Residency. Residence shall be defined as the full-time primary residence of the child and the child’s parent or legal guardian. Residence shall be determined by objective evidence, including at least TWO of the following items:

  • a valid Georgia driver’s license; OR voter’s registration card;
  • current property tax receipt;
  • power or gas bill (water bills cannot be accepted);
  • home mortgage note;  
  • lease or rental agreement; and
  • any other such objective evidence as will aid school employees to make a correct determination as to “residence”. 
  1. Child’s original, certified birth certificate, hospital-issued birth record, or passport 
  2. Child’s official Social Security Card
  3. Child’s Georgia Certificate of Immunization - For a detailed list of required immunizations, click here.
  4. Child’s 4-Point Screening, which includes, Georgia Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening - For more information regarding this screening, click here.
  5. A report card or address and phone number from your child’s previous school is very helpful, but not required.

Find your school zone at Find Your Bus Stop. To verify zoning information or for questions regarding new home construction or other zoning questions, please contact (706) 541-2704. 

Please be aware that school district growth may require rezoning periodically. Realtors and leasing agents do not always have the most up-to-date information. To verify zoning, visit Find your Bus Stop or call the school district at 706-541-2704. 

Kindergarten students must be five years old and first-grade students must be six years old on or before September 1 to enroll for school in the state of Georgia as outlined in Policy JBB. 

Pre-K Registration is conducted separately. To learn more about Pre-K programs click HERE.

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