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Alicia Lowe

Duties and Responsibilities

  • New Hire sessions for all categories of non-certified employees
  • Initiate Professional Standards Commission (PSC) Application for Paraprofessional Certification when necessary
  • Responsible for Non-Certified Personnel Information
  • Verify work experience for all non-certified and auxiliary employees and new hires


Are you interested in being a Paraprofessional?

All Georgia Paraprofessionals must hold a valid state license issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). Georgia educators who hold a valid professional certificate may serve as Paraprofessionals without holding a specific Paraprofessional license.

An individual must be employed as a Paraprofessional in a Georgia local unit of administration (LUA) in order to qualify for a Paraprofessional license, which is valid for five years. In addition to employment, the applicant must meet one of the following qualifications:


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