CCSD Coronavirus Response: School Year 2021-2022


Schools are an important part of the infrastructure of communities and play a critical role in
supporting the whole child, not just their academic achievement.
– Centers for Disease Control, July 2020

Until the existence of COVID-19 is eradicated, school districts must expect and plan for cases of the virus in communities. Based on this understanding, the Columbia County School District has created protocols to help school officials consistently respond to reports of confirmed positive cases by quickly isolating and quarantining students. Furthermore, the Columbia County School District, along with all public schools, is required by the Georgia Department of Public Health, to submit weekly reports of in-school positive cases.

Case Reporting in the Columbia County School District
In an effort to provide the utmost transparency and information for families, the Columbia County School District goes one step further by reporting ALL positive cases reported among students and staff at all times, including any students and staff who have tested positive, but may not necessarily be present in the building. Additionally, reports of those who test positive on the weekend, are also included in the district’s weekly counts. While this is not a requirement of the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Columbia County School District believes in the importance of keeping the public informed with the full and complete picture of the health of students and staff during these unprecedented times. It is important to note that this same reporting structure used today, has been in place since the school district first began reporting numbers at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

See the following chart and related information for the latest numbers.


Numbers for the week ending January 14, 2022:


Image Covid Numbers Explanation