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Pictured above is Buster the school bus.

Buster the Safety Bus and Friends

Buster the School Bus is an outstanding tool for teaching the important lessons of school bus safety.  Buster is a fully animated remote controlled robot that moves, speaks, listens and responds while activating his lights all by remove control.  With his stop arm, he has all the warning devices of a real bus.  He can wink, blink, and move his eyes, and his warm smile presents a positive and friendly image to young children. 

Shaped like a real school bus, Buster is just the right size for teaching children about bus safety.  He can communicate with them at their eye level, and when he moves, he’s not at all threatening.  He’s perfect for hugs and kisses from small friends.  He’s agile to maneuver easily in school classrooms and other restricted areas.  With headlights, tail lights, and flashing warning lights, Buster is highly visible. 

Riding the school bus is fun when we follow the School Bus Safety Rules.  Buster the Safety Bus and the Transportation Safety Team are available to help your students learn some important school bus safety rules.

To schedule Buster the Safety Bus, and a bus safety tour by members of the Columbia County Schools Transportation Safety Team:

Contact: Dana Thompson, Assistant Director, Transportation Department 706-541-2729 or [email protected]

You may also contact the Columbia County Schools Transportation Department at 706-541-2729 for additional information or assistance.

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