Board of Education » Rules of Conduct for Public Participation

Rules of Conduct for Public Participation



  1. Individuals desiring to address the Board about a specific topic must register at least 24 hours prior to the regular Board meeting. Participants must check in 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
  2. Each speaker must be a Columbia County resident or be the parent/guardian of a student attending a public school in the Columbia County School District.
  3. Each speaker will be permitted up to three minutes to make his/her presentation.
  4. If a group desires to speak, one person must be designated to speak for the group.
  5. The Board and staff will not respond to presentations at the time of the meeting; however, all concerns will be referred to the appropriate personnel for review.
  6. District employees will not be permitted to address the Board regarding their personal employment during public participation. State law and local Board policies and procedures provide the appropriate process for employee complaints/grievances (See Policy/Procedure GAE, Complaints and Grievances).  Employees may address non-employment issues just as any other citizen.
  7. Personnel issues involving individual employees and issues involving individual students and pending litigation are not subjects for public participation.
  8. Participants will not be allowed to disclose any information that personally identifies students or employees of the Columbia County School District.
  9. Proper decorum and respect must be maintained at all times. While individuals may use their allotted time to express concerns and opinions; profane, defamatory remarks and personal attacks will not be permitted.
  10. Props, signs or posters, are not allowed in the board room or during public participation.
  11. Any member of the public may be removed from the meeting for a disruption to the proceedings, according to the rules of conduct for meetings open to the public.

Special Circumstances:

  1. In the event of a large number of participants, the Board chairman may adjust the time, the number of individuals speaking for or against a specific issue, and/or the order of public participation on the agenda.
  2. Due to the limited seating at Board meetings, it may become necessary to be notified by phone when it is the participant’s turn to speak. Individuals should provide a cell phone number and be prepared to wait in a different location.