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4 Point Health Screening

Georgia Department of Public Health

Form 3300

Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening


When entering a Georgia school for the first time or having been out of a Georgia school for 1 full school year, parents will need to ensure their child receives a 4 point health screening: Ear, eye, dental and nutrition screenings are required 

The original Form 3300 has been updated for the 2018-2019 school year to include the nutritional screening. This health assessment must have been conducted within one year prior to the time that the child is admitted for the first time to a Georgia public school. Any child admitted to a public school without a Certificate shall present a Certificate within 90 calendar days following the first day of school attendance.

This certificate can be obtained by visiting your private physician, Eisenhower Army Medical Center or the local Public Health Department.