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Department of Assessment and Student Learning Support Services

 Welcome to the home page for the Department of Department of Assessment and Student Learning Support Services. This page is intended as a resource for parents, educators, and staff in supporting the students of Columbia County Schools. In the Columbia County School System, there are nine School Psychologists, one Behavior Facilitator, and one RTI Facilitator assigned to serve the various stages of learners across the system.  

Our mission within the Psychological Services Department is to play an integral role in meeting students academic and behavioral needs. Our department's school psychologists and facilitators provide an array of services to foster academic achievement and mental health of our students.

Members of our staff work closely with teachers, administrators, and other professionals to ensure our children in Columbia County receive the highest quality education in the most appropriate setting for each individual child.


How School Psychologists Help

Education and Prevention

  • Providing school and staff training on a variety of topics relevant to students on school-related topics.
  • Helping to develop schoolwide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)      programs.
  • Supporting students and counselors with suicide prevention and crisis management.
  • Developing and implementing positive behavior intervention and supports to identify students in need of intervention.


  • Providing direct services to children and parents.
  • Addressing the relationship between learning and mental health issues.
  • Helping families and schools deal with crises.
  • Helping to conduct behavioral assessments and develop behavioral intervention plans.
  • Supporting school-wide efforts to facilitate student progress toward measurable goals through data collection, progress monitoring, and data interpretation.


  • Supporting teachers with student accommodations and learning strategies.
  • Assisting with classroom management and behavior intervention plans.
  • Participating on problem-solving teams.
  • Consulting with other professionals in the community.
  • Helping parents access mental health resources in the community.


  • Assessing learning environments and school climate
  • Conducting psychological evaluations to assess abilities, skills, and      emotional/social functioning
  • Conducting behavioral assessments
  • Performing curriculum-based assessments
  • Participating in the special education eligibility process


How to contact a your child’s School Psychologist

Within the CCSD, 9 school psychologists are assigned to three or four schools and serve students from pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. In addition, CCSD serves children from birth to five years of age through the Bright from the Start and Pre-K Screening Program to assist in identifying exceptional children in need of specialized services and there is a school psychologist as a part of the team. 

Feel free to use the contents link to view a directory of School Psychologists by School.  You may also contact the Columbia County Department of Psychological Services to leave a message for the school psychologist assigned to your child’s school, or call the school directly.

You may also consider visiting the Special Services Department to search for resources listed there.