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Department of Assessment and Student Learning Support Services

 The Department of Assessment provides leadership in implementing a balanced assessment system that utilizes national, state, and district assessments to guide staff in strategically meeting the needs of all students. Classroom teachers need detailed, real-time data to inform instruction, while school leaders need specific data to inform decisions regarding instructional programs. 

Assessment Information


Formative assessment is assessment for learning. While instruction is still occurring, it takes place to gather immediate feedback that identifies students' academic strengths and areas for growth, plan differentiated instruction, and support student learning. Georgia's statewide formative assessments include the GKIDS Readiness Check, GKIDS 2.0​, Keenville​, TestPad​, and DRC BEACON​. Please note: some tests are considered optional.


Georgia's statewide summative assessments include ACCESS for ELLs, GAA 2.0, and Georgia Milestones​. Georgia also participates in the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) in grades 4, 8, and 12.