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Application and Instructions


  • View our current job openings by visiting the Career Opportunities link to the right.
    • Note the job title(s) (you may express interest in up to three areas) for which you want to apply.
    • Note the type of application you will need to complete:  Certified or Non-certified.  This information is listed at the very top of the jobs listing page.
    • Note the name and email address of the Principal, Director, or Department Head.
  • Gather the following documents (if these apply to your position)
    • Digital copy of your resume
    • Digital copy of certification documents

  1. Click the appropriate application link above.
  2. Complete and submit the online application.
  3. Notify the hiring authority
    1. Reach out to the Principal, Director, or Department Head listed for your position on the Jobs Listing page, either by phone or email; or by the method indicated on the Job Listings page.
    2. Email the Principal, Director, or Department Head with a digital copy of your resume and any certification documents, if applicable.


If your application will not submit, go back through and make sure all required fields are completed.  Then try to resubmit your application.