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ESOL Endorsement

This program aims to prepare teachers who can function as classroom-ESOL teachers in member systems and agencies.  Goals for candidates are:
  • Learn to identify prospective students;
  • Develop expertise in planning and implementing differentiated instruction to support the needs of identified students;
  • Develop expertise in varied assessment tools;
  • Develop expertise with differentiated curriculum to support the needs of English learners.

Gifted Endorsement

Our program provides teachers with an array of strategies and activities that encompass their ability to use content-specific pedagogy necessary to provide gifted students with challenging, differentiated learning environments.  A study of research, collaboration with other candidates, practical application lessons and units, and targeted discussions allow teachers to expand on pedagogy and theories and prepares them to successfully teach gifted students.

Dyslexia Endorsement

This program prepares participants to function as knowledgeable and efficient instructors in teaching of reading intervention through both theoretical and practical knowledge base in the K-12 reading development continuum.  The coursework includes preparation in utilizing effective strategies and methods for teaching dyslexic students the pillars of reading.