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New Teacher Support

New Teacher Support
Learn how our New Teacher Induction and Mentoring programs helped our 23-24 District Rookie of the Year

New Teacher Induction

A successful induction program begins at the local level.  Our induction program begins with a celebration just prior to the beginning of the school year.  The event introduces new teachers to many aspects of the school district and orients them to services, personnel, and policies to help them succeed.
Our induction process focuses on the following:
  • Facilitating a seamless transition into the first year of teaching.
  • Improving new teachers' skills and performance
  • Supporting teacher morale, communications, and collegiality building a sense of professionalism.
  • Putting theory into practice
  • Preventing teacher isolation
  • Building self-reflection

Mentoring Program for New Teachers

New Teachers are paired with a mentor, who is a skilled veteran teacher.  A mentor is highly committed to supporting the personal growth of Y1 teachers.


The mentor provides guidance, shares knowledge and experiences, and supports the Y1 teacher in making a positive impact on student growth and achievement.


Special Education Teachers

A Special Education Specialist supports the school environment by collaborating and supporting school staff with implementing strategies for academic and behavioral intervention, guiding data-driven decisions to meet students’ needs, following GADOE rules and regulations, and ensuring due process procedures are followed. CCSD SPED Specialists also co-mentor (along with a general education teacher) new special education teachers in the event that a veteran SPED teacher is unavailable to fill the SPED mentor role. New SPED teachers require both special education and general education support due to the unique requirements of their position.



A guide supports Y2 induction teachers, Y3 induction teachers, and new teachers to CCSD.




Induction Phase Teacher - The Induction Phase Teacher is defined as any general education or

special education teacher who has been hired into a new permanent position in any Georgia

school. Teachers are considered induction phase until they successfully complete the district

induction program. The district induction program will be tiered to provide differentiated support

based on the individual’s needs.

  • Y1 Induction Teachers - Teachers who are entering the teaching field for the first time
  • Y2 Induction Teachers - Teachers who successfully completed Year 1 requirements and obtained a Proficient or higher rating using the TAPS portion of TKES
  • Y3 Induction Teachers - Teachers who successfully completed Year 2 requirements and obtained a Proficient or higher rating using the TAPS portion of TKES.

Mentoring Program for New to County Teachers

Any transferring teacher with one or more years of experience is considered to be a teacher new to Columbia County School District.  This includes teachers new to the state and those transferring from within the state of Georgia. These teachers will be assigned a guide to assist them as they acclimate to our district.

Coordinator of Teacher Development and Professional Learning

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